Yanmar 240 Photos

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First day, at least for me. It runs a lot better than it looks! Yanmar's reputation for building indestructible tractors seems to be confirmed by this unit, sold new in 1980 and everything works fine in 2004. The oversize Kubota rims and tires obviously aren't original. They add a foot of overall width which I need since everything at the ranch is on a slope.
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Preparing to unload the disc. It lifted the 700 lb disc effortlessly.
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Parking the disc for winter. Note it doesn't go uphill very well in soft ground with so much weight hanging off the front of the bucket. This was where it ocurred to me to check for water ballast in the rear tires. There was none. Adding water ballast, 250 lbs per side, was a big improvement.

Link to original Yanmar product brochure.

Link to a video demonstration of a YM1500D, a similar smaller Yanmar. While the action is not particularly notable be sure to turn up the sound! The sharp rap unique to two cylinder Yanmars is captured perfectly. (1.5mb filesize. You may have to save it locally to get it to play smoothly).

I copied this video from a dealer website and now can't determine where I got it. I will be pleased to give credit to the dealer if identified.

Sound file of cold weather start, warmup @ 1500 rpm as recommended in the manual, the Yanmar Hammer (fuel knock) racket at idle below 1000 rpm, and finally 1050 - 1100 working rpm to lift the implements and pull out of the barn. (1.5mb filesize.)